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Asphalt plant – Stone Breaking Line – Haksan.com.tr

07 Ağustos 2016 Pazar 20:01

Asphalt plant – Stone Breaking Line – Haksan.com.tr

Asphalt plant – Stone Breaking Line – Haksan.com.tr

Haksan Group; is carrying out exportation of machines such as concrete plant, asphalt plant, stone breaking line and grouting machine with an experienced and expert staff. These machines coming from skillful technicians having command of production, are products of companies which became big brands. Marketing and after-sale support-related trainings of customers’ employees are provided by Haksan Group.

What is concrete plant?

Concrete plants mean the facilities where transit-mixers are filled for realizing production of plant-mixed concrete. In concrete plant; concrete ingredients can be stored with the mixture of ingredients such as cement, pebble, sand and water. There are types of concrete plants. These are;

-Fixed Concrete Plant

-Mobile Concrete Plant

-Compact Concrete Plant

Fixed Concrete Plant is also divided into two part in itself. There are types as of belt-type concrete plant and bucket-type concrete plant. Fixed Concrete Plant prepared by Haksan Group is preferred for long-term projects. It is prepared according to the work and project to be done for construction services in general. Besides, it provides a perfects pouring, high homogeneity and convenience for every type.

Bucket-type concrete plant is a machine technology that you can use for many years. Haksan Group offers high capacity opportunity in this machine designed for a trouble-free operation. Besides, it provides an easy transportation and ease of installation.

When considering the Mobile Concrete Plants, there are many types of mobile concrete plants. It has 6 types as of; again having the same name of itself, mobile concrete plant, HK-30M mobile concrete plant, concrete plant with scraper, HK-60M mobile concrete plant, HK-100M mobile concrete plant, HK-120M mobile concrete plant.

The final one of concrete plants the Compact Concrete Plant is divided into 3 in itself. In options defined as Double Mixer, dry-type, concrete mixers; products consist of concrete plants which are low-capacity, long-lasting, durable and enhancing the efficiency. A different design and production process are followed in comparison to many mixers released on the market. 

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